Tips for Selecting a Hard Money Lender

In most cases, hard money loans are used for funding transactions that need a sudden turnaround, for example, fix-and-flip purchase.  Due to the lower bureaucracy involved in hard money loans, a quicker turnaround is possible. While hard money loans suit commercial and residential properties, you should not take loans involving owner-occupied residences.  The number of hard money lenders in the market is very high and to single out the most suitable bridge financing  ensure you apply the below guidelines. 

Know what you want with the hard money loan you get.  Do not be in haste in taking a hard money loan before you conduct a complete assessment of your needs.  Some hard money lenders deal with either commercial properties, or investor financing, or foreclosure rescues. On top of enabling you to limit your search to the fitting group of hard money lenders, knowing what you need also enables you to choose those with expertise in money lending.

Make sure you settle for a nearby hard money lender. There is a variety of good reasons for choosing a hard money lender located near you. A local hard money lender is experienced in giving loans in your market.  In addition, the hard money lender is accurate in underwriting your asset as they have your specific market’s activity on their mind.  Additionally, local lenders have an interest in your personal success thus more personalized attention. Discover how does a fix and flip loan work here.

Ensure you look at the degree of transparency.  The parties in a hard money borrowing deal should be given access to the loan data that include fees as well as any third party cost.  The hard money lender is also supposed to follow the published loan program guidelines.  A suitable hard money lender must return calls, answer your questions, and complete draw requests without any delay.

You should deal with a licensed hard money lender. You should check a potential hard money lender’s license to be sure it is genuine.  This guarantees that their qualifications have been scrutinized by local authorities hence being sure they are professionals in hard money lending.  In addition, you are sure the loan rates a hard money lender charges are not exploitive. Besides, you can know if there is any complaint a hard money lender did not address. 

Be keen on the interest rates.  Before taking a hard money loan, ask a lender about their interest rates.  If you fee that a hard money lender is hiding something, do not borrow from them because you may pay above the agreed upon rates.  Also, compare interest rates of different hard money lenders while being keen on what past clients say to ensure you make a suitable decision. Click here for more: